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Magic of Mandarmani Once you visit Mandarmani, you must feel the magic of the place. The overwhelming magical power of sea beach and sea waves will make you spellbound. Another magical element in Mandarmani is the combination of sea waves and night with songs as per your choice. This is the perfect combination for romanticism. With the prevailing romanticism you can also feel that moon, the sea, are trying to tell you something which is very romantic. The Mandarmani seaside is competitive and this is so fresh compared with the other seashores. This is in the eastern part of Indian. It is not that high sodium even so beautiful.

You can also be the part of the magical beauty of Mandarmani beauty. You can make the choice to enjoy the beauty with seaside during the complete moon and because it is so excellent, the same beauty again comes back once in a month with the full moon. Since then, every full moon, there has been a large seaside celebration that has expanded in dimension. This is the extreme magical beauty of Mandarmani.

Mandarmani is the heart of the natural paradise of West Bengal. Come here and explore the raw beauty and power of the sea beauty. This is a rare, safe, unique and natural place to discover. Enjoy the magic of magical atmosphere in Mandarmani.

Mandarmani was a former fishing village that gained its reputation from the royalty who would spend their vacations here. Now, it becomes to a very modern and popular tourist sea side. Among all the beaches in West Bengal, Mandarmani is considered as the most refined and magical in senses.

all about Mandarmani The festivals of Digha and Mandarmani Festival are considered as another magical attraction for the tourists. The festivals are the festivals of four days and the festival held in the month of January. Various water and beach sports events are conducted on the beach. Sea food festival is also a matter of attraction of the location.

Mandarmani is considered as all season’s destination. Among all monsoon and winter will be the best time to feel the magic of the place. This is a great place which is able to provide you and your family and friends as well an exciting adventurous trip. The magic of bonfires at the beach in evening will give you a different memory and will get a lot of beautiful scenes of sunset over the sea. So with a final note this can be said that if you once visit Mandarmani, you will get the magical beauty starting from sun rise to sun set and the beauty of sea beach to sea waves.

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