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If you come to visit Mandarmani, there are so many attractive tourist options will open for you. The nearby sea beaches are Digha, Shankarpur and Tajpur.

Places around Mandarmani Digha:

Digha is another popular sea side which is located very near to Mandarmani. It is also in East Midnapur region and at the North end of Bay of Bengal. It is the most well-known sea beach in West Bengal. Digha is frequented visited by a large number of visitors during every season. Digha is the closest and most well-known sea side of West Bengal. It is popular as a weekend destination form Kolkata and from other near by cities. It is situated near to 185 Km away from Kolkata or Howrah via Mecheda. The location is about 235 km away through Kharagpur highway.

The picturesque attractiveness of Digha is wonderful and appealing. In this beach there are lots of stalls along with the attractiveness of this location.


Shankarpur is another virgin sea side which is situated 14 km eastern part of Digha of West Bengal. Frequent sports of fishing in the harbors are frequently performed over here. The sports are attractive, when fishers can be seen transporting their large netting out of the sea. The scenic beauty of sun rise, the golden colored sea and cool, pleasing, gentle fresh air and the local fish boats on the shore provide outstanding photography opportunities.

Shankarpur itself is a photogenic sea side location. This is a secluded beach and it’s almost covered by casuarinas and eucalyptus trees. The beach is not full of madding crowd like Digha. So this is considered as the one of the lonely and beautiful sea beach. During the sun set and at the time of sun rise you can walk on the beach up to a point where the delta of two small rivers stops you from going ahead. The local villagers usually sell beautiful things which are of shells of varied shapes and hues.

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There are another attraction near to Mandarmani is Tajpur. This is also a fresh attraction from a minimum distance from Mandarmani. So you can also enjoy the place too. This is the virgin place in the lap of nature. So you must come and enjoy the beauty of nature.

Pristine sea beach fringed with a dense forest of tamarisk trees is the prime attraction of Tajpur. Innumerous numbers of red crabs are available here. The crabs usually play hide and seek in the sand. This is a fisher men locality. A lagoon with a pleasant surrounding is just within a kilometer away. Tajpur is 170 km away from Kolkata. The best time to visit Tajpur is winter. Various adventure sports options like para-gliding, rock-climbing, rafting are available here.

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