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Night in Mandarmani The beauty of Mandarmani more and more increases by the moon light. If you wish to be a witness of the special beauty of sea, you must come during the full moon. So find out the full moon dates and make yourself free during the time of full moon. Come here and enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. The best part is that you can drive your car on the sea beach which is a very rare vision on most of the seashores all over the globe. The position and beauty of the sea seems next to heaven. The unlimited beauties at night in Mandarmani will make you feel magical and heavenly. To some extent, it can be said that this is far better than any other beaches in West Bengal. The residents on the seaside bring out seaside drive and night beauties of sea side will add more romanticism at your tip. The seaside at the night is fresh. The magical beauty of night in the sea side will make you mesmerizing. The basic beauty must increase more and more by the light of moon.

Unique at the helm, begins off with some normal songs to set the overall tone and to dissipate some of the liquor energy that is prominent. If you go along with your dear one, take some minutes out simply to move along the seaside, the greatest chill-out space, you go over by the great cliff and sit on the stones, enjoy your wet feet with sandy water and your love one.

all about Mandarmani During the evening you can visit to the sea beach again, driving along the coast and enjoying the cool, pleasant environment. You can enjoy with Alu kata, chips, prawn pakora, and tea or any liquid from a sea side stalls. The magic of bonfires at the beach in evening will give you a different memory and will get a lot of beautiful scenes of sunset over the sea. So with a final note this can be said that if you once visit Mandarmani, you will get the magical beauty starting from sun rise to sun set and the beauty of sea beach to sea waves.

This is totally pollution-free and non-commercial. This is amidst natural surroundings. You will have enough private space on the beach, especially at night. This is a proper get-away for people who want to avoid the hustle and bustle of city life and the Digha beach.

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